Halloween Goes Immersive, Big Holiday to Sell More

the-purge-920Adding more momentum to the ‘immersive’ trend in live entertainment, this year’s Halloween events blur the line between attraction and show. I think it’s great because today’s audiences are, more than their predecessors, interested in being part of the show. The success of Sleep No More or Then She Fell suggest that merging show and participatory media work very well presuming, of course, that they’re done right. By the way, Halloween events are a big deal, and I think most major arts institutions don’t pay nearly enough attention to this season. Unlike at Christmas and the holidays, organizations that COULD be selling a lot of tickets and reaching a lot of audiences with something resembling Halloween-themed offerings just pass. Perhaps it’s because they still see Halloween as a children’s holiday or just don’t take it seriously as a cultural marker. I’m saying that’s a mistake, and at Goldstar, we’ve gone all out at Halloween with events for years. People are interested, and emotions about the holiday are higher than ever.

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