freeplay-featuredIt’s #FreePlayFriday, and we’re ready to play!

Recently, Jim shared an idea about how to allow “true fans” to buy tickets first. Post your answer to our question in the comments section, and one lucky winner will score $50 in Goldstar cash.

What would you name a machine that allows true fans to buy tickets first?

We’ll announce the winner on Monday at noon.

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  • Autumn Jojola says:

    I like the idea! There has been shows I would give my eye teeth to even set foot in the venue. I would have even cared if I sat in the very last row of the place, seriously I sat outside an amphitheater just so I could hear Barry Manilow live! I’m sure I looked like a weirdo to all the attendees that were at least 40 yrs older than me, but I heard him…and that’s what mattered to me. I would call this amazing machine The Fanatic Proofometer!

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