The Real Battle is Getting People Out More

Stephen Wood, executive director of Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough, hopes theater broadcasts never become a substitute for actually going to the theater.

Stephen Wood of the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough doesn’t want broadcasts to substitute for theatergoing.

Stephen Wood is the executive director of the Stephen Joseph Theatre in the UK and though he likes the National Theatre’s NT Live broadcasts of some of its theater productions, he wants to make sure they’re not a “substitute” for actually going to the theater.

We cover this topic a lot. As a rule, increasing the ability for people to get access to something makes them “consume” more of it and think about it more. The bigger worry by far, as I suspect Mr. Wood would agree, is that not enough people not enough of the time think of going to the shows at all.

That, in my view, should be the real focus all the time.

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