Food Photos on Instagram Sell: Are You Using Them for Your Events?

If you have an Instagram account, odds are pretty good that you’ve snapped a photo of a pretty plate of food at brunch or a delightfully colorful cocktail during happy hour. But have you considered using similar food photos to promote your live events?

Business Insider writer Caroline Moss recently reported on the trend of restaurant chefs posting prettily plated food on Instagram — and seeing a direct uptick in reservations. These chefs are also encouraging patrons to snap shots of their food, and even giving the better looking plates to the customers they think are more likely to do so.

Jim has already pointed out that Food Is Entertainment, saying:

“Like the immersive stuff we’ve been talking about, food events … raise the stakes once again on what people expect from a traditional, seated, watch-the-show or -game type of event.

It would be a big mistake for you to put this kind of event in a different (and conveniently noncompetitive) category from your theater or sports team or concert hall, because to the consumer anything that entertains, delights or captivates them is where their attention and money will go.”

So if you are in the “food as entertainment” arena, or even if your event will have food and drinks in any capacity (and really, how many events don’t?), consider Instagramming a few shots to get people excited. Because if these chefs are right, then an eye-catching photo of a concession stand cocktail or the latest snack offering at the ballpark might just get more people buying tickets.

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