Five Things About TEDxBroadway You May Not Know

The countdown is on for TEDxBroadway 2019! You’ve heard that Rachel Chavkin, David S. Leong, Arvind Ethan David and Shakina Nayfack are among the first speakers to be announced. We’ll share more speakers with you soon.

Meanwhile, here’s what you might not know about TEDxBroadway.

1. Not all the action happens on stage. Nope, there aren’t any breakaway sessions or panels happening simultaneously. But there are plenty of things happening in the lobby during the breaks. There have been stretches with Mark Fisher of Mark Fisher Fitness, a 3D printer demonstration, and nobody there will ever forget Hannah Kohl’s wild paper cutout.

2.  Speakers come out of left field. Sure, many of our speakers are from the Broadway industry. But we take great pride in hosting talks from fields many people don’t know. Need an example? Two words: RAT CZAR. We firmly believe we need to hear from other industries to help answer the question, “What’s the BEST Broadway Can Be?”

3. We were FRAMED! So, that question above — “What’s the BEST Broadway Can Be?” — it’s been framed to drive positive, open-minded conversations and spark ideas to move us all forward.

4. We love a good cocktail. We always end the event with a cocktail party. This tradition allows all attendees to decompress after a mental workout, network AND talk with the speakers.

And, lastly …

5TEDxBroadway sells out every year. We have since we started. So make sure you get your tickets NOW!

We look forward to seeing you Tuesday, September 24, 2019.

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