First US City on Google Arts & Culture Is …

Kansas City.

Laura Spencer reports for that Google Arts & Culture, the app and website, launched in 2011, but it previously launched digital projects focused on European cities. Now, Kansas City will be the first U.S. city to have its own place on the search engine’s Arts & Culture platform.

Spencer quotes project manager Jamie Burchfield: “So all in one place, you’re going to see over 2,000 artworks and artifacts, over 40 online stories, all telling the history of Kansas City and its art scene today. And you can see that content through online exhibits, through virtual reality tours, through ultra-high resolution photographs of artwork.”

Spencer continues: “The site offers stories about Kansas City food, music and history, and also provides a new perspective on cultural organizations, from exterior street views to 360-degree images inside galleries, such as the American Jazz Museum’s exhibit space, or sites, such as Harry S. Truman’s home.”

Local art scenes of U.S. cities will not only get a boost in exposure to its own residents but also to people around the world.

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