Fingers Crossed the Marvel Show is Done Right

marvelliveMarvel Reveals Live-Action Stage Event to Launch 2014.

As I said recently, good live family entertainment should work. This will be a big success IF the show honors its audience. I have no idea what this show will be like, but shows like this have gone a couple of different ways: Trade solely on the fact that they have familiar, popular properties (like superheroes that we all know and love) and then do the minimum to wrap something you can call a show around it, or they can be audience-oriented and create something that the target audience will be glad it saw. It’s not going to be Mamet, but that’s OK. It’s not supposed to be. On the other hand, it can’t just be mailed in, either. I won’t name any names, but we’ve seen this happen in recent years, where big name, “no miss” properties missed … and we’ve seen the opposite.

Arenas can use a good new show, so here’s hoping it’s the latter!

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