Facebook Just Launched New Tools for Small Businesses

Want to up the Facebook game of your live entertainment organization? Then you’ve got to try some of the new tools Facebook recently launched specifically aimed at small businesses. New options like better call-to-action buttons, sections for pages and mobile upgrades mean people can more easily navigate business pages and find what they’re looking for.

You can see the full rundown on Facebook’s site here, and at Entrepreneur.com, reporter Nina Zipkin explains why this is a big deal:

“All of these updates remain free to users, but ostensibly with the emphasis on driving sales, it could lead to an increase in advertising sales for the social giant. Dan Levy, Facebook’s VP of Small and Medium Businesses told CNBC, ‘If we can increase the value of that ad by being able to direct people to a page optimized to a mobile device, that’s just going to increase the value of the ad, because it’s going to increase the possibility the customer is going to convert.'”

Have you tried any of the new Facebook features with your organization’s page? If so, tell us about it on Twitter or Facebook.

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