Facebook Is Changing: Here’s What You Can Do

Facebook recently announced a major change. The social media platform is returning to their Newsfeed values, writes Omar Jenblat on Forbes.

He continues: “These upcoming algorithm changes focus on promoting ‘meaningful’ content on Facebook from family and friends rather than that of public or business pages.”

In light of this change, how can you continue to make Facebook an important part of your social media marketing strategy? Jenblat shares a few ideas about how to survive the shift.

• “The easiest step you can take as a small business is to encourage your followers to place your page on ‘see first.’ By selecting the ‘see first’ option, all of your posts will appear at the top of your followers’ News Feeds, in complete disregard of the algorithm.”

• “More general advice for small businesses on Facebook would be to spark genuine conversations and interactions with your followers. This creates the meaningful content Facebook is striving for. The best ways to do this are to talk about current issues, trends, local news and upcoming events at your business.”

• “It’s no secret that Facebook prefers videos over pictures and even more so over text posts.”

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