Facebook Is Changing Again. How Will It Affect You?

Last week, Facebook announced some big changes. If you haven’t heard already, Fast Company breaks it down: “Facebook is changing its algorithm to send less traffic to content sites. … it will increasingly prioritize posts shared by friends and family over those from publishers, brands, and other pages.”

So, what does this mean for you? In his Fast Company article, Joe Lazauskas reports that this new reality will require lots of adjustment. You can read about the seven ways Lazauskas thinks Facebook’s big algorithm change will affect you — and check out two of them below:

“Some are saying this won’t affect publishers that much. It will.

As you may have seen on Twitter, there’s an easy way to downplay the algorithm change. If the posts of ‘friends and family’ will get top ranking in the News Feed, then publishers just need to get those folks to share their stories.

But if you’re a publisher with a massive Facebook presence like BuzzFeed or Vox, a big reason people share your stories on Facebook in the first place is because they see them in their News Feed after you post. In other words, publishers’ Facebook posts are the seed that grows into a giant tree of traffic. (BuzzFeed’s Pound technology does a great job of showing how this works.) Fewer seeds means much, much less traffic.

Everyone Might Want to Slow Their Roll On Video Too.

Most publishers have been reorganizing their strategies to focus on video. A big reason that marketers have been so eager to jump on the video bandwagon is the massive view numbers they get from autoplay video in the Facebook feed (even if those view counts were ridiculously inflated.) Marketers have been jumping on the video bandwagon as well.

In many ways, Facebook created the illusion that its feed provided an infinite amount of attention for video. We were trapped in a fantasy of Mark Zuckerberg as Oprah, screaming, “You get a view! And you get a view! And you get a view!” But now the holiday special might be over, meaning that everyone needs to think hard about how they get real value out of their video investments.”

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