Everything You Need for a Killer Facebook Page

sellingoutfacebookHave you been procrastinating on creating your company’s Facebook page? Or could it use an update? If so, you need this guide from Kevan Lee at Entrepreneur.

Lee outlined the step-by-step process to create an amazing Facebook page. You can head over to entrepreneur.com for the full guide, but below are a few tips we thought really stood out:

1. Choosing the type of business you are makes a big difference. If you pick local business or place, your physical address will be displayed prominently on the page, but that’s not the case if you choose company, organization or institution.

2. Try photo editing apps like Pic Monkey or Canva to create your cover photo. They have setups that are the exact dimensions so it won’t get cropped or stretched out when you upload.

3. “When you upload a cover photo to your page, the photo is added as an update to your timeline. If you edit the description of the photo, you can add a message to the update. Click on the photo to open up the photo viewer, and you’ll notice a link that says ‘Add a description.'”

4. “Facebook posts with photos receive 37 percent more engagement than those without photos.”

5. Don’t just share your own business updates and news, but other exciting stories or images too to build engagement.

How does your Facebook page stack up?

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