Email Ideas for Your Venue to “Borrow”

Are you trying to get creative with your email marketing? Instead of racking your brain for out-there ideas, why not take a look in your inbox? MarketingProfs just shared 15 real-life examples of email marketing worth a try.

You can see the full list here and find the tips best suited to live entertainment organizations below:

“3. Include a benefit (and pique curiosity) to make your subject line interesting

The subject line is the first and the most important thing that encourages someone to open and read your email.

If you want to grab the reader’s attention, offer a mix of benefit and curiosity to make your subject line interesting.

See how Ann Taylor uses this formula in its subject lines:

4. Use FOMO and urgency in the subject line

Have you seen the phrases “don’t miss out,” “limited time,” “last chance,” and “today only”?

They are examples of FOMO — fear of missing out — and urgency. Use this concept in your subject line to create a sense of needing to act. We humans are afraid of missing out on a good deal or opportunity.

Subject lines with a sense of urgency and exclusivity can result in a 22% higher open rate.

See this example from Birchbox:

11. Send birthday or anniversary email with a special gift

Make your customer’s special day more special. It’s their birthday or anniversary, so why not give them a special gift?

Or it’s your birthday or anniversary, and you celebrate it with your customers because they make your business possible.

Offer them incentives before the special day. Consider this email:

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