Ed Sheeran Played a $2-a-Ticket Show and Almost No One Went — Here’s What You Can Learn From It

It sounds almost impossible: World-famous Ed Sheeran plays a show with tickets for only $2 and the promoters were struggling to get anyone to attend? But as Mashable reported, it’s true.

Now, to be fair, this wasn’t a traditional concert. As you’ll see in the below video, it was two Australian radio hosts who had set up an “Ed Sheeran Peep Show.” However, there are still a few lessons we can learn from this hilarious bit:

1. As Jim has said before, pricing is not a marketing campaign. Even the meager price of $2 wasn’t enough of an incentive for most people to risk attending this seemingly sketchy show.

2. The wrong marketing and branding can ruin your show. Ask people if they’d like a one-on-one concert with Ed Sheeran, and (if they’ve heard of him) they would undoubtedly say yes. But ask people if they’d like to watch an “Ed Sheeran Peep Show” — not so much. For more guidance, Jim talks about 3 solid ways to build your brand here.

3. Word of mouth can make or break your show. Once a few brave souls watched the show, they clearly started spreading the word and more people were willing to take the gamble. See how word of mouth and social sharing can impact your show here.

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