Easy Ideas to Inspire Your Tweets

Most of us — likely even all of us — use Twitter. We use it to make announcements, reach new audiences and engage our patrons. And we’re always looking for new ideas to inspire our tweets.

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Kristi Kellogg for Search Engine Journal shares 21 things to tweet. We share two ideas below, then read the rest here:

“• Share Helpful Tips or On-Brand Messages

Tweets don’t only have to link back to a specific blog post.

Use Twitter to share one-off tips and tricks that your audience will find useful.

If, for example, you sell skincare products, you could tweet general skincare tips.

A yoga studio, on the other hand, could tweet out positive mantras.

What can your business share that would benefit your audience?

• Have a Sense of Humor and a Heart

Just because you’re a business, your tweets don’t need to all be business-driven.

People love to see the human side of brands, so don’t hesitate to occasionally share a funny meme or joke, or a heartwarming video.

When you post things like this, try to keep it relevant to your brand.

For example, a shoe company could post a video of a charity giving out shoes to poor in third world countries — while it has nothing to do with their actual business, it’s still on brand.”

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