Easy Ideas to Inspire Your Tweets

Most of us — likely even all of us — use Twitter. We use it to make announcements, reach new audiences and engage our patrons. And we’re always looking for new ideas to inspire our tweets.

Kristi Kellogg for Search Engine Journal shares 21 things to tweet. We share two ideas below, then read the rest here:

“• Share Helpful Tips or On-Brand Messages

Tweets don’t only have to link back to a specific blog post.

Use Twitter to share one-off tips and tricks that your audience will find useful.

If, for example, you sell skincare products, you could tweet general skincare tips.

A yoga studio, on the other hand, could tweet out positive mantras.

What can your business share that would benefit your audience?

• Have a Sense of Humor and a Heart

Just because you’re a business, your tweets don’t need to all be business-driven.

People love to see the human side of brands, so don’t hesitate to occasionally share a funny meme or joke, or a heartwarming video.

When you post things like this, try to keep it relevant to your brand.

For example, a shoe company could post a video of a charity giving out shoes to poor in third world countries — while it has nothing to do with their actual business, it’s still on brand.”

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