Easy (and Inexpensive) Ways to Reward Your Employees

Jim has often talked about how important it is to hire and train good people. In turn, they’ll give your customers a better experience, which translates to better reviews and repeat business.

Another factor of maintaining a fantastic workforce is rewarding those employees who do a standup job. Of course a raise is always nice, but it’s often just not in the budget. But recently, INC.com shared 101 ways to reward your employees. Many of them cost $$$, but we’ve highlighted the ones that only take a bit of time and effort but could go a long way to letting your staff know they’re appreciated:

Thank-You1. Personal handwritten note of thanks

2. Set up a brag board in the office

3. Wash an employee’s car

15. Special name tag

30. Reserved parking space near the office front door

31. Supervisor for a day

39. Humorous certificate of recognition

46. Thank-you email message

47. Note of appreciation to employee’s significant other

49. Verbal thank-you during team meeting

50. Name product after employee

51. Recognition in company newsletter or website

53. Use employees in television or radio commercials

60. Spot in company Hall of Fame

64. Letter of recognition

95. Babysitting services for a night out

98. Scavenger hunt

Do you have any fun ways to reward your staff?

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