Draw Bigger Crowds by Going Mobile (Literally) — Like Minnesota in a Box

Last week, we wrote about Portland’s “Opera a la Cart” — a mobile cart with a stage, a handful of props and a cast of opera singers ready to perform songs to order.

This week comes news of Minnesota in a Box. “Explore Minnesota Tourism tricked out a pair of steel shipping containers for an immersive campaign that invites prospective visitors to ‘sample’ a pair of the state’s diverse attractions and share their experiences via social media,” reports Adweek.

The 8-by-8-by-8-foot containers, called MNstagram booths, have traveled to Chicago, Denver and Kansas City, with more trips planned later this summer.

One container features a wooden canoe you can sit and paddle in and the other a full drum kit that you can jam along to the tunes playing over the speakers.

John Neerland, group creative director at Colle+McVoy, the agency who created this campaign, told Adweek, “We wanted to supplement our other efforts with a more hands-on, interactive, sharable and press-worthy experience.”

Judging by the smiles in the shared photos, the MNstagram booths are creating new Minnesota fans in their wake.

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