Draw a Broader Crowd With Beer

Beer seems to be a popular topic on our pages these days. We recently wrote about Bach & beer when a musician played the Baroque cello to a standing-room-only crowd at Dock Street Brewery in Philadelphia. And Oregon Ballet Theatre offered special perks with some of their tickets: an intermission party featuring free PBR tall boys.

Now, California Ballet is presenting Beyond the Barre: Beer and Ballet this weekend: Set in casual digs — California Ballet’s studio — this unique hang session in a casual setting offers up local craft beers and bites before, during and after an intimate, low-tech performance featuring new works. And the dancers will mingle with the audience.

“I think the whole point is to bring the humanity back to ballet,” featured choreographer Trystan Merrick told Marcia Manna of The San Diego Union-Tribune. “For so many years, it has been an ethereal art form for a certain group of people. Now, there is more of a desire to relate to your general audience.”

Find out more about this “interesting idea that has become an annual event in Salt Lake City, Indianapolis and Sacramento,” according to The San Diego Union-Tribune article.

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