Do’s and Don’ts for Your Welcome Email [Infographic]

You’ve caught their attention and they’ve signed up, but now you have to keep their interest. Entrepreneur recently covered the best practices for that all-important welcome email.

Here are a few key tips, and then check out the entire infographic from Easy-SMTP:

• Subject line: This what your new subscriber will read first, so choose your words wisely. Sale is more effective than save. Try to avoid the words report and webinar, while news, bulletin and video all help your opens and clickthrough rates.

• Send Time: A welcome email sent in real-time leads to 10 times the transaction rate of welcome emails sent in batches.

• Email Address: Use an email address that includes the name of an actual person rather than a generic email address, which makes the interaction seem impersonal and prevents your new customer from engaging with your business.

• Email Copy: Avoid spam trigger words that could send your email to the junk folder, such a prize, free, bonus, buy, purchase and order, and stay away from using excessive capital letters and exclamation points. Try to work in the words because, you and imagine.

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