Don’t Worry About Being First, Worry About Being the Best

In live entertainment, it’s rare to be the first. Unless it’s a world premiere of a play or a musician performing an original song, there’s a chance your show (or something similar) has been done before.

But that’s OK! It’s also not a unique problem. As MarketingProfs writer Sarika Periwal points out, it’s an issue with apps, products, practically every industry. The solution isn’t to worry as much about being first, but with being the best. As Periwal says:

“A good user experience markets itself. People will readily shift their loyalties from the product they have used to another product that offers a better experience.”

There are plenty of examples of this in live entertainment. One good one is Cirque du Soleil. Were they the first-ever circus? No. Were they the first-ever acrobatic group to put on a show? Certainly not. But did they create an amazing experience that got people talking (and buying tickets)? You bet.

As Jim said in his post Give Me a Reason, “To overcome the fact that people never need a ticket, focus on creating new reasons for them to go. Need is one kind of reason, but if we give them others, we should get them into shows and events more often.”

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