Don’t Just Tell Stories on Stage, Tell Them in Your Marketing Too

Theater is literally the business of bringing stories to life — your organization does it on stage every day. So why not bring some storytelling elements into your marketing plan, too? writer John Rampton recently shared how powerful stories can be in marketing. You can read his full article here and get our favorite advice below:

“1. Stories convince and persuade in a non-threatening way

Stories can help build empathy in your audience, reducing the risk they feel in buying from you. Listing the features and benefits of your products will never do this, no matter how eloquently they’re written.

4. Stories boost the viral factor.

A product page is unlikely to get social likes and shares – at least to the point where it goes viral. A story, on the other hand, is perfect for sharing.

According to Sumo’s analysis of the 10,000 most shared articles online, those that evoked awe, laughter and amusement were most likely to get shared. Try evoking those emotions with your product page!

5. Stories are memorable.

Long after your marketing campaign has ended, the recollection of your story will remain (assuming it was done right!). A well-crafted story not only draws readers in, but also leaves a lasting impression. Why settle for boring, forgettable copy when you could be using stories to leave a permanent (or at least long-lasting) mark?”

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