Doing “Good” Can Do Great for Your Show

pinkboaHas your organization or show promoted or partnered with a good case lately? According to this Kevin Jordan article on Duct Tape Marketing, there are two very good reasons it’s a good idea:

• 87% of consumers say they would switch from one brand to another if the other brand were associated with a good cause, according to Cone Cause Evolution

• 95% of college students say they are less likely to ignore an ad that promotes a company’s partnership with a cause

Jordan writes, “If done correctly cause marketing can be a great way to make your customers more loyal to your brand and get more referrals.” And he shares 15 ideas how you can use cause marketing to grow your business. Read all of them at Duct Tape Marketing, and see a few we’ve picked out below:

  1. Collect donations for Goodwill
  2. Support a local medical clinic or Meals on Wheels chapter
  3. Support your local zoo
  4. Partner with a museum
  5. Sponsor a water stop in a running race

Every year since 2004, Goldstar has rolled out its Thanksgiving Appeal, which began when the company was still pretty small. The founders discovered that people didn’t buy many tickets just before Thanksgiving, so they decided to use their resources (which at the time were email and the Goldstar website) to encourage people to support an organization that could help make Thanksgiving a little bit better for those who might not have much of a holiday at all.

Over the last few years, Goldstar members, along with Goldstar staff, have helped feed nearly 200,000 people annually!

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