Does Your Show Need a Clickbait Title?

Photo credit: Ermin Celikovic via Unsplash

Photo Credit: Ermin Celikovic via Unsplash

They’re all over Facebook, Buzzfeed and practically every blog and content site: clickbait headlines. Sneaky, sometimes misleading, grabby bits of text that compel you to click (at least, until you get sick of the gimmick).

Now, clickbait is moving beyond the screen, thanks to a bookstore in Dallas that’s using the trick to encourage readers to give the classics a try. writer Sara Roncero-Menendez reports on the store’s efforts, which hope to expand customer’s literary tastes.

Here are a few fun ones. Can you guess which novels they’re referring to?

“You’ll never guess what happened to this Kansas teen after a tornado destroys her home”

“German doctor becomes first to perform full body transplant”

“Romanian man discovers shocking fact about garlic that will give you nightmares”

Do you think this approach — using titles that grab millennials and Gen Z members’ attention — would work in theater? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook.

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