Does Your Marketing Need a Boost?

To be fair, “rules” is probably a little strong. But there are some best practices, “guidelines” if you will, that work well when using Goldstar’s new marketing tool, Boost.

Have you heard of Boost? It’s a self-service tool that puts your event into additional Goldstar emails, and bumps up your placement in emails to an audience of live entertainment fans. (You can learn more here.)

Of course, many of these work for any marketing campaign, not just Boost. So the next time you’re setting up a campaign, consider the following:

Boost works best when …

  1. It’s NEW. You have new events or events with new inventory. Boosting pre-sale offers also creates excitement around your event.
  2. The TIME is right. If you have a long-running or ongoing event and you’re planning a new marketing campaign, Boost can support those efforts.
  3. There’s VARIETY. List a variety of sections and price points to reach a wider group of ticket buyers.
  4. You BUDGET accordingly. Consider your market when setting your budget. Larger markets will need a higher daily spend to see an impact than smaller markets. (Goldstar’s Boost team suggest a $50/day minimum for large markets and $25/day for medium markets. For developing Goldstar markets, contact our team for recommendations.)
  5. It works WITH your organic reach. Boost only adds to your organic email reach, it doesn’t replace So, if your event would normally appear in an email on a day you’ve paid for a Boost campaign, you’ll still appear in that email and you won’t be charged.
  6. People can PLAN. Think about planning and travel time when Boosting in other markets. For example, you may want to Boost your event in Las Vegas to people in L.A., so make sure you give them time to consider your event and to book flights, hotels, etc.

Want to learn more or try Boost? You can click here for details.

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