Do Your Patrons Know What You Stand For?

In our constant search to engage with our patrons, PSFK offers us a few examples of brands highlighting shared values to build connections with consumers.

PSFK also points out ways you can help your patrons understand your personality, products and what you stand for.

“• Share the process behind the products and services to connect directly with consumers who value ethics, craftsmanship and quality.

• Ensure a standard of authenticity and transparency in all communications to build brand trust and connection.”

Check out these examples from PSFK of what brands are doing to keep up with shifting consumer values:

“Adidas x Parley For The Oceans
For World Ocean Month, sportswear company Adidas aimed to involve the running community in its efforts to end marine plastic pollution by teaming up with nonprofit Parley for the Oceans. Adidas donated $1 for every kilometer logged through its Runtastic app, as a way to spread awareness about the importance ocean conservation and to engage the running community in its efforts. Adidas also collaborated with Parley on sneakers made from marine plastic, and estimate they will sell 5 million pairs in 2018.

Bonobos #EvolveTheDefinition
Menswear retailer Bonobos’s initiative #EvolveTheDefinition aims to rewrite the definition of traditional masculinity. The project, which kicked off with an advertisement during the ESPY Awards, features interviews with dozens of men of different sizes and backgrounds speaking about what being a man means to them. The brand hopes to create a more diverse, inclusive and accepting representation of masculinity.”

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