Do You Know Where You Were … 8 Years Ago Today?

Do you know where you were … 8 years ago today?

We do. We were at the first-ever TEDxBroadway conference, held Monday, January 23, 2012.

That first year we asked, “What’s the Best Broadway Can Be in 20 Years?” It was a big question. And, to us, a very important question — one that was framed to deliver only positive answers.

A question we got a lot when we announced this TED-like event was … “What’s a TED?”

In case you didn’t know, TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design — all three are key to our industry. We appreciated the real parallels between Broadway and a TED event. So we set off to invite speakers from our industry doing incredible things, as well speakers from outside the industry who shed real light on what’s happening in other fields. We wanted to pack the stage with great ideas that would steer us into the future.

Jim McCarthy summed up the goals for the event in our very first press release about it, saying:

“The future doesn’t just happen; it’s created, and that creation starts with ideas. TEDxBroadway challenges everyone who has a stake in Broadway’s future to think and dream big. More than that, it’s a chance to create a vision of a place that’s the best it can possibly be 20 years from now.”

While we’ve moved away from the “20 years from now” part, we’re still committed to rounding up the most mind-blowing people inside our industry and out. And, we’re joined by an incredible community very committed to making Broadway the best it can be now and into the future.

So, do you know where you’ll be on Tuesday, September 24, 2019?

We hope it’s with us at New World Stages in NYC for the 8th Annual TEDxBroadway conference where we’ll continue to think and dream big.

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