Do You Know Where to Spend Your Marketing Budget?

Since none of us has an unlimited marketing budget (wouldn’t that be nice?!), it’s crucial to spend wisely. Recently, contributor Adam Bornstein offered advice to stretch your marketing budget. You can read the full article here, and see advice that’s especially relevant to arts organizations below:

“You want marketing that targets an audience so you’re in control and can make adjustments as technology changes. … What is the value and purpose of your product or service? Who is your target audience? And what is the best platform on which to reach them? … If you don’t have an audience, spend money fishing in small ponds where you know you can get a bite, and then set yourself up to communicate repeatedly. … If you already have an audience, turn them into superfans who will bring their peers into your universe.”

Jim has talked about the idea of “fishing in small ponds” as well, in his post The Future Is a Niche Market:

“Think small. Not in your ambitions, but in envisioning the world you want to dominate. You can grow that world later.”

If you’re looking for a pond of live entertainment fans … we just might know of one.

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