Do You Follow the Marketer’s Rule of 7?

You know the “Rule of 7,” right? It’s the marketing theory that someone needs to see your product or ad seven times before they truly become aware of it. Of course, this rule goes way back to the 1930s (and maybe even earlier), so it doesn’t take into account changes in newspapers and TV, oh, and that little invention, the internet.

So what’s the new “rule of” number? I’ve heard some say 8, 6, 7, 5, 3 and oh, 9. No one really knows definitively what that magic number is. BUT, I know we can all agree that once just isn’t going to cut it.

We’ve been thinking about this concept, a lot. We’ve had our partners ask us often over the years how they can get more views and impressions with Goldstar. And so we made it happen.

Our new marketing tool, Boost, makes it easy to get those impressions. Boost puts you in Goldstar emails you wouldn’t have otherwise been in, and bumps up your position in those emails. When you run a Boost campaign over several days, you get your event seen by our most engaged members multiple times (maybe hitting that magic number?).

Now some of you might be saying, “Oh, but, I’ve gotta get those uniques!” And sure, I get the temptation for marketers to want to put an emphasis on uniques. Somehow, it feels like you’re growing your audience. But, unless you’re really doing something so spectacular that it instantly hypnotizes people to your brand on the spot, then you really need to think of uniques as “one and done.”

Boost is one easy way to reach that wide audience (those uniques) and reach them multiple times.

By the way, read the bold numbers above again and out loud. That is actually the telephone number from the song by Tommy Tutone, “Jenny.” Think about how many times you had to hear that song before you knew those numbers. And, once you did you’ve never forgotten them. Had you heard that song only once …

If you have questions about Boost or want guidance on maximizing frequency, email us at Or, jump right in and build a campaign here.

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