Do Yoga, Meditate & More Tips to Speed Up Your Arts Writing

Ever get stuck trying to write arts copy? Daisy Hartwell recently shared an infographic with us highlighting 15 amazing ways to write faster. Some of the tips include: Do a 5-minute workout and use a 30-minute timer, which is something Jim touched on in his post, Seven-Minute Egg Timer Method:

“I set aside the seven minutes and just wrote my thoughts on my whiteboard as they came to me. I alternated between seven minutes of intense focus and note taking with a few minutes of relaxing and regrouping my thoughts. But during the seven minutes — total and complete focus. It’s easy to let your mind drift when you’re in a meeting with yourself, but if a seven-minute timer is running, you can maintain focus.

At the end of the seven minutes, I had discovered an angle on the problem that was completely new. I hadn’t solved it — lots more to solve, but I did discover that I had missed a whole way of looking at this problem because I’d simply been thinking too conventionally.

In fact, I had set aside just 30 minutes to think about this issue, but the initial direction my seven minutes of concentration took me gave me so much more to think about that I stayed on it for closer to 90 minutes.”

Take a look at all of Daisy’s tips.

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