Do Posters Still Matter? Maybe More Than Ever

Can posters still change the world?, asks Steven Heller in The Atlantic. His answer is yes.

“Posters have a long history of engaging and informing people through a mixture of artistry, wit, and economy,” he writes. “It would be easy to assume that posters have lost some of their impact in a hyper-connected landscape. But in many ways, the rise of social media has given protest and advocacy posters a bigger audience than ever before, while platforms like Facebook are creating ways to let users craft images featuring their own photo to further the causes they identify with.”

From Shepard Fairey’s 2008 Hope poster to street artist Banksy’s #WithSyria posters appearing on Capitol Hill, posters are powerful because they broadcast your message to lots of people. Posters — and all of the images you choose for your ad campaign — are also important tools to attract people to your event.

As Jim wrote in his post, Even Virtual Stuff Needs a “Cover”:

“The ‘cover art’ for an event is the single most powerful initial attraction point. I’m not saying it’s enough to sell your event, but I would go so far as to say that a poor or dull “cover” will make sure your event doesn’t get sold. … If there’s one place not to skimp or get it wrong, it’s on your ‘cover art.’ Live events may be a virtual good, but people make very real decisions based on the look of your cover.”

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