Design Tips to Help You Sell Tickets

HubSpot has selected a list of websites that have nicely designed order review pages — where a customer ends up before making a purchase. Reporter Pamela Bump also include helpful elements to consider as you create your review page, like: a brightly colored button with a “Place Order” call to action.

We’re sharing two of HubSpot’s examples of well-done review pages, then check out the rest of the post here:


DoorDash uses its order review area to give consumers one last chance to edit to their meal delivery. It clearly designates the restaurant they’re ordering from as well as specific meal details.

It also shows the customer’s delivery instructions and allows them to make slight tweaks, such as adding delivery notes. Although there is a DoorDash logo and a “Back to Menu” button on the top of the page, the design also limits distraction that could lead to an abandoned order.


Although Airbnb sells vacation rentals and not goods, this “Confirm and Pay” page is pretty similar to the other pages on this list. It similarly includes a box to fill out payment information, no navigation bar, a photo of the vacation home, and text-based details about the reservation so the user is sure about their purchase and all of its related costs.

Prior to this page, the customer has already clicked through a page that requires them to agree with the house rules and acknowledge that they understand which amenities are and aren’t provided. Because they have already seen ample details, the product description is a little light on this page.

Along with the standard review page elements, there’s also a note saying that this vacation spot is a “rare find” because it is regularly booked out. This might give the customer added motivation to fill out their information and pay as quickly as possible incase they’re worried another vacationer might take those dates.

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