De La Soul Is Not Dead. They’re Free (For 25 Hours).

De La Soul, semi-forgotten legendary rap group, is making all its music free to download today (February 14), so have at it!

Naturally, interest in De La Soul and their ability to earn revenue is going to, as a result, plummet! At least, that’s the conclusion you’d come to if you think like those who fear things like live broadcasts and alternative delivery mechanisms for live entertainment.

Of course, that’s not what’s going to happen. Many people, like me, are going to remember how much they like De La Soul, download some or all of the music and then keep a much keener eye out for what they’re up to next. Are they playing a live show near me soon? That’s on my mind now, and it wasn’t before. I kinda assumed they’d broken up.

Obscurity, not availability, is the enemy. This nice little PR coup reduces obscurity and increases availability. If you’re clever and hustle, that can be used to create a lot of value.

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