Dave Chappelle Creates a “No-Phone Zone” for His Shows

Comedian and actor Dave Chappelle is taking silencing cell phones to a whole new level. The Hollywood Reporter writer Seth Abramovitch reports that Chappelle has teamed up with tech company Yondr on smartphone-locking pouches that will ensure no one is calling, texting or shooting video during his shows.

Chapelle is taking this extreme measure to ensure that no amateur video of his shows is leaked online. But some theatergoers may appreciate a no-phone zone as well.

Goldstar conducted a theater etiquette survey and found that the top two pet peeves were people talking during a show and people using their cell phones (read more about it here). So there is a chance some audience members will welcome the pouches.

What do you think? Should more theaters use cell phone-locking pouches, or should they embrace phone use during shows? Tell us your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter!

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