Creative (and Affordable) Ways to Reward Your Employees

As Jim has said, great customer service can be your best marketing strategy. And along those lines, happy employees generally mean a happier experience for your fans. So how do you keep your employees happy?

Well, at Goldstar one way our staff is rewarded is with monthly complimentary tickets to events. It’s a great way for employees to enjoy live entertainment and get excited about all the cool shows available on the site and the app.

In addition to comp tickets, August Noble over at SnackNation has a few — or rather 121 — ideas to help. He put together a list of clever, and in many cases free or cheap, ideas to show your employees you care. See the full list of ways to reward your employees here and a few of our favorites below:

1. Hand written note

It’s old school, but effective. Write your employee a note sharing your appreciation for them and their work. It can be in a simple card, or on the first page of a journal you give them.

6. Secret slow clap

Pack as many people as you can into a room and have the employee being rewarded walk in unknowingly. Proceed to start a slow clap that runs into a standing ovation. It’s sounds funny, but I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t appreciate a good slow clap.

8. Play with puppies

Hire a service, or work with a shelter near you, to bring puppies to the office for your employees to play with. Not only is it awesome, but it’s proven to relieve stress.

Puppy with snacks

49. One-on-one mentoring

One of the most valuable things for an employee who wants to improve. They are looking to learn from people with experience.  Reward them with a few mentoring sessions with one of the executives.

61. Nap time

No more sneaking in naps at the desk. Set up a nap area in your office where employees can hide away and catch a few Z’s.

employee rewards and incentives

74. Work from Home day

Let your employees have a day to work from their couch. It will be a nice change of pace from the office.

98. Prize wheel

You hit goal, and you spin the wheel. What’s on the wheel? Anything you want.

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