Create Your Own Story, and Then Control It

You’ve got a new show or event, or big news to share. Well, Kevin Durant, star of the Oklahoma City Thunder, and a few other sports stars are giving the rest of us some ideas when it comes to breaking news. Durant recently announced he’s signing with the Golden State Warriors, but it’s the way he made the announcement that’s the bigger story. Bill Murphy Jr. on Inc. reports:

“[Durant’s] the latest in a series of big sports stars to control the timing and wording of their big news by writing it themselves on a website called The Players’ Tribune. In so doing, he becomes the latest top professional athlete to own his story in a way that most fans would have thought impossible just a few years ago.”

These players are sharing their own stories in a way that lets them tell and control it. Does this spark any ideas for breaking your latest news?

Read more about The Players’ Tribune and how they’ve broken some serious stories.

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