Create Inspiring Promo Copy for Your Shows — Here’s How

photo-1473186505569-9c61870c11f9Are you in charge of creating promo copy — ads, blog posts, social media updates, etc.? Then you might be searching for some inspiration to stand out from the barrage of content and really showcase what your event is all about.

We’ve offered helpful advice for creating quality content before (you can see the advice of Goldstar’s Vice President of Content and Merchandising here). And now has put together a collection of 25 inspirational resources for copywriters. You can see the full list here and check out our favorites below:

“1. The Writer — readability checker

The team at The Writer are all about making your words work harder. There’s plenty of general advice there for strengthening your copy, but what I really love is their readability checker, which gives you instant feedback on how readable your copy is, on a scale of Harry Potter to Harvard Law Review.

11. Stephen King — 20 Rules for Writers

I hate seeing the words rules and writing put together, but King’s top 20 — let’s call them guidelines — can help to get you on track, or back on track depending on where you left off.

12. The Electric Typewriter

Feed your soul at The Electric Typewriter. Possibly the internet’s most delicious collection of articles, essays and short stories from the world’s best journalists and authors. This is online reading for connoisseurs.

19. Writing rules and advice from the NYT

If you really want to write well and effectively, then taking heed of how (arguably) the world’s best newspaper does it is smart.

22. TED playlists

Inspiring talks from authors and linguistics experts on how to tell stories, how language evolves and even the origins of words themselves. Look out for The Mystery Box talk from Star Trek director J. J. Abrams, in which he talks about how to effectively draw your audience into a world of possibilities — exactly what you want from your landing pages, right?”

(You can also check out TEDxBroadway videos here for inspiration.)

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