Create An Event, and You Might Change the Place Where It Happens

Beck. Photo courtesy of Beck

Beck. Photo courtesy of Beck

I talk a lot about the interplay between event and place, and this is a great example. No event lives in a vacuum, so if you’re part of an organization (or group of organizations) large enough to change the dynamics of the place where your event is (or would be), you can create a synergistic effect.

In this case, Tony Hsieh of Zappos and others are working hard to create an anchor event, the Life is Beautiful Festival, to bring some vitality to downtown Las Vegas. For those of you who don’t know Vegas, this isn’t the Strip we’re talking about. This is the somewhat down-at-the-heels, slightly low-rent neighborhood with the famous neon cowboy Vegas Vic and the restaurant where if you weigh more than 350 pounds, your meal is free.

Not by any means a sure thing, when you can create a gravitational pull to an event and then associate it with a place, you can change that place and the ticket-selling fortunes of the organizations in it pretty quickly. Just ask Austin.

But on a smaller scale, I think the principle still applies. In the bad old days, people went to Broadway to see a show, and then ran like hell to get out of there as soon as it was over. Not true anymore. If people have a reason to be where you are, you can probably come up with a reason why they should come see you, too.

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