Connections Come in All Forms

Street artist and TED Prize winner J R put a big photograph on the floor at the David Koch H. Theater in New York, and suddenly everybody who goes to the event wants to lie down on it, take pictures with it, see it close up and interact with it.

Take a minute and watch the video where J R talks about all the creative things that people have done taking pictures of themselves and the giant photo that’s been plastered to the marble floor.

These kinds of things change the way that audiences and potential audiences feel about going somewhere. Yes, the art or the show or whatever is the main thing and must be there, but you can’t be na├»ve or in denial about the power of the little extras. The things that make an experience special. Down deep, we’re all like little kids who love to go to the park, but who really get excited about and look forward to getting the popsicle from the ice cream truck that drives by the park every day.

This wasn’t actually an expensive or difficult thing for the New York City Ballet to do. It’s a cherry on top that can make all the difference. Have fun with your own version of this, and see what happens!

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