Coming Soon: Paying For Space, Not Seats

I’ve noticed people (including a couple of celebrities) doing something that caught my eye in the last year or so: flying coach.

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Morph: Airline Seating Concept by Seymourpowell

To be more accurate, they were flying coach big-time, surrounded by one or more empty seats. One well-known rapper on my plane had two rows for himself and a couple of bodyguards.

That’s why I think that this concept could actually make sense if implemented well. You’re buying space, not seats. And there’s no reason, as we move into an era of more sophisticated experience design, that this couldn’t be applied to theater, sports or performing arts, or really any live entertainment. Of course, that would require investing in seats, which for the most part (with the notable exception of Jordan’s nice seats, and there could be others) are an afterthought, except in “premium” areas.

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