Comic-Con Fans Willing to Spend, But Not on What You Think

This New York Times article, Large Crowds Spend Little at Comic-Con, underscores an interesting fact about fans and how they choose to spend their money. San Diego’s Comic-Con International draws thousands (130,000) of attendees who will pay for lodging, gas and admission — but not on the products being sold — because they love the live experience.

According to the article, “In a recent report from the San Diego Convention Center, where Comic-Con is held, the fantasy fans ranked first in terms of the convention center’s attendance, far outstripping the combined total of its next four largest conventions, expected to be about 62,500 people.”

Here’s what attendance looks like over the past four decades:hickey-datalab-comiccon-1

While it’s not certain how many people will go see the upcoming movies, watch next season’s TV shows or play the new games, it’s been pretty certain that fans will travel far — from Canada, Mexico and Europe — to experience the live event.

As the article states: “These costumed folk have far more enthusiasm than buying power.”

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