“Jagged Little Pill” Musical Combines Fresh With Familiar


Alanis Morissette’s “Jagged Little Pill” might be Broadway-bound.

I predict that this actually occurs. If the American Idiot formula can be replicated, the base material is there. If you haven’t seen American Idiot, it weaves a story from an existing album with just a smidgen of dialogue and no new or even much modified music. Some so-called jukebox musicals are merely a vehicle for performing some popular songs on stage without the nuisance of having to have the actual creators of those songs present. Others, like American Idiot, justify the format by having a story that’s worth following, and if the principals here can achieve that, this show has a good chance of being successful.

Just the right amount of time has passed for this to be nostalgic without being too backward-looking, especially if the show is worth seeing on its own merits. Again, combining the novel with the familiar is a good combination for sales.

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