Channel Your Inner-Batman and More Visual Storytelling Techniques

“We’re programmed to pay our undivided attention to a great story — that’ll never change,” Clifford Chi writes in this HubSpot post.

This applies to visual stories as well. Chi highlights brands that tell captivating visual stories in retail, which “pull their audience into a narrative and evoke certain feelings and emotions that consumers associate with their brand, driving them to not only visit their store, but also buy their products.”

We share two of Chi’s examples below. Then check out all six of his examples for inspiration on how to tell visual stories that stand out — and grab attention.


Most people aspire to transcend their current identity and lives — that’s why everyone loves superheroes. Spiderman and Wonder Woman are normal people during the day, just like us, but when night falls or duty calls, they transform into someone much greater — a powerful being who can fend off the evilest of criminals, protect their city, and save their fellow citizens’ lives.

Bertuli, a menswear retailer, understands our desire to transcend our current selves. And by displaying an outfit with a Batman shadow, they convey to potential customers that wearing their clothes will enable their customers to channel their inner-Batman.


Connection, especially love, is the ultimate life goal for most humans. We’re biologically hardwired to search for it. And Isabel Marant, a French fashion house, definitely knows that selling the feeling of love is the best way to sell their clothing.

By draping their dresses from pictures of happy couples embracing each other, they can successfully sell the feeling of being loved, along with their product.”

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