Celebs on Stage Lead to “Broadway’s Richest Season Ever”

In our post, The Best Place to Catch Celebs Is Now the Broadway Stage, we pointed out that a growing number of major film and TV stars were taking time off from cashing their massive Hollywood paychecks to take on high-profile roles in some of Broadway’s buzziest new shows.

Well, it seems to have paid off, according to the title of this recent Observer article, Broadway Set to Announce Richest Season Ever, Thanks to Star Power. Philip Boroff reports:

“Thanks in part to the box-office drawing power of Hugh Jackman, Bradley Cooper, Helen Mirren, Larry David, Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick and other celebrated performers, Broadway’s on-track to report that grosses and attendance rose by about 8 percent from 2013-14. After 51 weeks, Broadway’s sales of $1.33 billion are already a record. Given that attendance is 12.8 million and exceeds 200,000 a week, it’s almost certain to top 13 million for the first time when official results come out early next week. Sunday is the last day of the 2014-15 Broadway season.”

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