Celebrations Give Your Patrons a Reason to Go

A few years ago, we covered the Pokémon Go craze. We highlighted how businesses could get in on the excitement and five lessons for content strategy that the game could teach you.

We’ve just learned, according to Shannon Liao at CNN Business, that Pokémon throws a celebration every year.

February 27, 2020, was the annual celebration. Liao writes, “The company held various online events … to engage with fans. One of them included asking fans to vote for their favorite creature on Google.”

Liao quotes Randy Nelson, head of mobile insights at market research firm Sensor Tower: “Pokémon GO’s continued success has relied heavily on Niantic’s ability to deliver a ceaseless stream of new content and live events … ”

Giving your patrons a reason to celebrate is a great way to get them to go out. And the reason doesn’t have to be because it’s a holiday — like July 4 or St. Patrick’s Day. You can create your own reasons to celebrate with your fans!

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