Ready to take charge of 2021?

2020 felt like a never-ending carjacking complete with offroading, plenty of bumps, and an unknown course change at every turn. Now it’s time to slide into the driver’s seat, grab the wheel and determine where you’re going next. Of course, it helps to have a like-minded community to help you navigate the best way forward -- a convoy, if you will. Which is why we’re excited about the free five-day "Take Charge of Your '21" TheaterMakers Challenge, starting January 18. For...

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Why People Unsubscribe From Your Emails

Email newsletters can be a great way to keep your fans in the know about upcoming shows and promotions and get them excited to come to your event. But, send the wrong email, too many emails or an email at the wrong time, and you might end up with more people unsubscribing than buying tickets. To help minimize unsubscribes, check out the below infographic from HubSpot. It breaks down when and why people often unsubscribe from newsletters: Got a comment or...

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