Cards & Points: How Are You Rewarding Your Patrons?

We’re all looking for new ways to reward our patrons — because a happy patron is a returning patron.

Looks like these two companies are hatching innovative plans: Uber is planning to issue its own credit card with perks for Netflix and Spotify, and Groupon will allow users to earn hotel points and airline miles on each purchase.

It’s worth considering: How can you give your patrons a little something extra to keep them coming back for more?

Because, as Jim explains in Your Competition Isn’t What You Think It Is:

“Our biggest competition is the urge to sit on your sofa and watch Netflix or play Candy Crush. … You … are not competing with the theater or music hall across the street or across town. You compete with how easy it is NOT to go out. … all of us in the industry have the exact same job: Make live entertainment fans. Make ravenous, energetic fans who can’t wait to find the next thing they’re going to go and do.”

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