Can You Get a Negative Review Changed?

Nobody likes a bad review, but when you’re putting art into the world, selling a product — or really, doing anything — it’s probably going to happen eventually.

But what happens next? Do you need to suck it up and move on, or can you do something about it? Miriam Ellis at Moz looked into the issue and found a few options you may have when it comes to turning those negative reviews into something positive.

You can read the full piece here, or check out our favorite advice below:

“The dominant, overall pattern of negative reviews being transformed into positive ones consisted of these three Rs:

  1. Reach — the customer reaches out with their negative experience, often knowing that, in this day and age, powerful review platforms are a way to reach brands.

  2. Remedy — Some type of fix occurs, whether this results from intervention on the part of the brand, a second positive experience outweighing an initial negative one, or the consumer self-correcting their own misunderstanding.

  3. Restoration — The unhappy customer is restored to the business as a happy one, hopefully, ready to trust the brand for future transactions, and the reputation of the brand is restored by an edited review reflecting better satisfaction.”

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