Brush Up on Improving Customer Experience

It’s worth repeating. Jim once wrote: Good service is the best marketing money you’ll ever spend.

So, it’s no wonder we spend time and money trying to improve online user experience.

Ad Age offers advice from experts for marketers “looking to leverage tech to improve their website’s UX and build strong customer loyalty.”

We share two tips below, and then read the rest here:

“Design your website around your why.

A website is a purposeful entry point for information and action. Understanding why you need a website is essential to delivering on your promise. Once you prioritize needs by the target groups visiting the site, only then can tech play a big role in making the visitor’s journey faster and distraction-free, helping them to get to their desired goals. Tech also plays a big role for repeat visitors and repeat tasks. – Arjun Sen, ZenMango

Focus on personalization.

Your on-site experience should not be the same for everyone who shows up. Many software vendors will enable you to customize your site based on where visitors are arriving from, whether or not they’ve been to your site before, what visitors did the last time they were on your site, whether or not they are existing customers, etc. You can even test different versions of your site simultaneously. – Dan Beltramo, Onclusive (formerly AirPR)”

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