BroadwayHD: A Netflix for Broadway?

Last week, the off-Broadway revival of Buried Child starring Ed Harris and Taissa Farmiga was the second show from New York to live stream, following the off-Broadway musical Daddy Long Legs last December.

We covered the livestream of Daddy Long Legs and then afterward, we posted an infographic from the show’s producer Ken Davenport that offered all sorts of answers to the habits and the desires of the livestreaming theatrical audience, including where they came from, how they watched and how much they’d pay for an experience like this in the future.

Davenport’s biggest takeaway from the livestream was that the theatergoing audience wants this — badly.

Variety editor Gordon Cox reports that the stage producers who founded BroadwayHD promise Buried Child will be the first in an ongoing series of live streams.

Cox continues: “At first glance, theater productions seem like a good fit for the streaming-platform models established by Netflix and Hulu and Amazon, since Broadway fare appeals to a passionate niche audience that can’t always make it to New York to catch a show. But there are a slew of hurdles … ”

Read more about BroadwayHD at Variety, a potential Netflix for Broadway.

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