Broadway Ad Agency Spotco Spills Secrets in New Book

You’ve seen their work everywhere, from the iconic Rent logo to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s silhouette in the Hamilton ads. Spotco has created ad campaigns for Broadway for 20 years and is celebrating the milestone with a new book, reports Associated Press reporter Mark Kennedy.

Theater buffs will love the glossy pages of ads, but Spotco founder Drew Hodges says there will also be behind the scenes stories from actors such as Patrick Stewart, Mark Ruffalo, Bernadette Peters and more as well as insight into how these ads come to life.

One important lesson from the book:

“I came to realize that you can’t tell someone something’s funny and not be funny,” said Hodges. “Then I learned that that was true for everything: If it’s going to be scary, like ‘The Pillowman,’ then your thing has to be scary. If it’s going to be sexy, then your thing has to be sexy. That’s your credibility.”

You can learn more about the book here.

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