Breaking Non-News: Amy Winehouse Not Touring as a Hologram

When technologies are new, people naturally make small-minded, limited assumptions about them. It’s human nature.

Apparently, some fans of Amy Winehouse have heard (and probably started) the rumors that she would be touring soon, despite having died a few years ago, in hologram form.

I predict there will never be a successful tour of a major star in hologram form. The reason I say this is that as soon as the technology is good enough to deliver a high-quality “performance” by a dead artist, people will realize that they can do much, much more with it than cash in on a little nostalgia.

A holographic Amy Winehouse, after all, is pretty much a recording of Amy Winehouse singing and a very high-quality video to go with it, layered on top of a live band. Honestly though, if you don’t care whether or not she’s really performing, why should you care if the band is live? And if you get rid of that, what’s left? You’re watching a 3-D movie of an Amy Winehouse performance, and then we’re back to something you can’t really sell. At least not for much.

BUT, if you can put Amy Winehouse on the stage, you can put anybody on stage. Anything you can do with CGI can be on the stage alongside real people. Now THAT could be interesting.

When TV was new, some people thought it was best used to point a camera at a theater stage, but the pioneers of television realized that was old thinking about a new technology.

This is the same thing.

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